Thursday, July 8, 2010

great day so far...

Today started off with a very productive day at the gym. A killer spin class followed by a great upper body workout and abs... thanks Julie!

Also Julie informed me today at the gym that I may be crazy... like certifiable or bipolar :) She said she was reading my blog and its a great day then a HORRIBLE day then a great day and on and on and on. Which is 100% right. Rachael asked me a few days ago when I was in a BAD day how long I have been off my wellbutrin.... about 3 months. I miss the always happy I felt but hate that I had to rely on a pill to be happy. I have good days when I treat myself good - when I get my workout in, eat well and spend some time with my family or have some quality alone time(rare I know)... I have BAD days when I do not get my workout in, when I binge, when Im stressed out and I do not try to handle it appropriately. I know what makes me happy I just dont always listen to myself.

After hitting the gym I headed over to Rachael's house... oh my how I could binge at her house... it is FULL of JUNK... very yummy junk but junk still... must be fun to be preggo and eat what ever you want :)I treated myself with one single chocolate covered potatoe chip... YUMMY!

I am letting a teenager watch my son for the first time today - granted he will be napping but still. Going to treat myself to a pedicure.

Later hopefully will involve some family time at the pool, cooking on the grill for dinner and curling up with a book later.


  1. thank for the great workout - it really was a wonderful start to the day! and I did NOT say you were crazy! I pointed out that your posts do go up & down depending on your mood and had YOU not pointed it out I may not have picked up on it. ;)
    I will miss you on the bike next to me this week... but I WILL STILL GO!

  2. While my house is full of junk... I really don't eat it... well not right now anyway :), makes me sick... I will use the excuse that I need to fatten up my kid :)