Monday, July 5, 2010

proud -

Quick pop in to toot my own horn a bit...

Im proud of myself right now.

Surprise surprise, when my alarm went off this morning to run - I turned it off, rolled over and went back to bed until the last minute I can before having to get ready for work.

Before, that meant that I wouldnt work out at all today. But now Im training for a half marathon... when I have a goal to work towards I do pretty well. AND I have to log my miles in. So if I dont run in the am on a scheduled run day... well that means I have to suck it up and do it in the evening.

So after working 12 hours, I got home around 830 and by 840 I was heading to the track to run. Well the track was locked down. Did I head home and say "oh well"? HELL NO! I called my hubby to let him know my plan, set my nike+ for 30 min and started running from the school. I ran threw a few neighborhoods that Im familur with and when it got dark I headed back to the school and ran up and down the parking lot over and over and over. Turns out the parking lot is on a slant so lots of small hills - I ran fast up, jogged slow down. I ended up running 27 min. Nike + says 2.6 miles which is probually right since I do 3.1 in about 33 min.

I was proud of that - it was end of the day, still 85 degrees outside, and lots of hills.

Yaa me! TOOT TOOT!


  1. WHOA! You have got some serious dedication! I'm not sure what I would've done after a 12 hour day... :)

  2. All my shifts are 12 hour days - the joys of healthcare... so if I want to workout on a work day its either before working a long day or after.