Sunday, July 11, 2010


Boy Im tired... I really really need a vacations! While I love my job I really wish I didnt have to work full time! I have worked fri, sat and now today and Im TIRED. Alittle bummed at myself that I have not gotten my workouts in these days. Friday was my day off from working out. Sat it was raining in the am so I couldnt get out to run and I was exhausted when I got off work - it was a really busy today. Today I couldnt seem to get out of bed... hate that. So tonight I will need to work out once I get home.

Other than that... yesterday and today I am feeling alittle different in my skin... happier in my skin. I can only imagine what its like once Im closer to goal!!!

And on an even more positive note... our passports came yesterday! YAAAA! I have booked our Niagara Falls trip and I cant wait to get away for a few days with my wonderful husband.

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  1. Hey- when are you going to Niagara? We are going next week!