Saturday, August 21, 2010

10K baby!

Today was the day of the 10k... the first 10k.

So the good -
1. Ran it with my favorite running person - Nicole!
2. Got to see what I can do!
3. Beat my personal best of 72min... finished in 64!
4. Felt like I could have gone farther, given more!
5. We got alot of positive comments on our shirts and chatted with some great people. Everyone was very nice.

The bad -
1. Did not like the route - it was BORING. Not much to see and it was a double of the 5k route so had to do the boring route twice.
2. It was a small race... I like the bigger crowd.
3. There were practically NO spectators on the sidelines to cheer you on.
4. They didnt make sure they save cold water/snacks for those running the 10K - there was NOTHING left after the 5k people were done so when we finished I couldnt even fill up my water bottle and god forbid a snack. Very disappointing.
5. It was the RAVEN romp but hardly any RAVENness to it except the two ridiculously small wasted cheerleaders that didnt even freaking cheer.
6. I think I could have pushed myself harder.
7. My family wasnt there :(

Now for the pics...

Nicole and I before the race started...

The back of our adorable shirts -

Us turning that last turn - mile 6 baby!

Almost done!

Sweaty, done but still smiling!

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