Sunday, August 22, 2010

another week at 160...

I have been between 160 and 163 for WEEKS now. Its getting OLD. And it is 100% my fault! I cant seem to get my eating undercontrol. Im working out great but that isnt enough. I start off eating well. I pack healthy options. I cook healthy meals but EVERY single week something big comes up and it derales me and it takes me a day or so to recover and then I stay the same weight AGAIN. Vacations, parties, trips... they just keep happenning. THis week we are going out of town for 2 days for G's bday party and friday Im having a girls day.

So this week Im destined to be the same weight AGAIN... I can plan well but it just doesnt happen how I plan.

So this week I am aiming to eat great on the days that I am working. I am packing lunch and snacks for our trip to Dutch Wonderland and will make healthy eating out options. There will be one dinner, one breakfast and one lunch eaten out. uhhhhh.
Friday is lunch out with a friend for part of our girls day - we are having sushi.

Now getting my workouts in this week will not be as easy as it normally is. E is on dayshift so no early morning runs or spin classes since I will have to be here with Gavin. I also need to get in 2 runs with one being 7 miles. Here is my goals

Sunday (today) - video and weights
Monday - 60 min on treadmill BLAHHH
Tuesday - early morning 3 mile run
Wed - weights
Thur - video or elliptical
Friday - 7 mile run
Sat - nada

Yes I have motivation but not nearly what I had - I need some mojo.

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