Sunday, January 30, 2011

blah blah blah blah

Ive had a few moments the last few days - sorry I havent been on lately. I have been in the black hole of myself. Yesterday I ate and ate like I would never get to eat again. I was rude to people that I had no place being rude to. I took everything someone said to me the wrong way. Everytime someone gives me a compliment on the way I look now, inside I cringe and feel awful for no real reason then I eat. I dont feel like I deserve the attention.

I have been off my antidepressant for 2 months now - after the marathon in march Im going to try to have a baby and wanted it all out of my system... wow what a difference. My positiveness is GONE. My drive, focus... gone. My ability to function - so so but not nearly what it was.

I think I need to see a shrink but have no clue how to go about finding one that deals with binge eating, body image issues. Any suggestions?


  1. Hmm, I don't know anything about your area. But the National Eating Disorders Association might have some helpful information. Here's a link to their professional referral page: - good luck. This is a battle that you don't have to fight alone!

  2. I have an AMAZING treatment team at Sheppard Pratt Center for Eating Disorders. I can't say enough about how much they have helped me. Reading your posts I can totally relate to everything you say. I highly recommend you check out the CED

  3. I would start with your family physicain if that is someone you really like and trust. That person will know the other professionals in your community and should be able to make some good recommendations for you. No matter what route you choose, I hope you get the help and support you are looking for.