Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Im back ... and Im back!

Spent two fabulous days with my two favorite men in the entire world... my husband of 8 years Eric and my all grown up newly 4 year old Gavin. We went to dutch wonderland, stayed at a cool hotel, swam WAY past his bedtime, saw a sneak peak of Thomas the train at the train station and ended our birthday celebration with a small cookout and bonfire just the three of us... here are a few pics of our trip...

And No I did NOT eat healthy or good while I was gone... Im weak. But within 2 hours of being home I was out the door for a 7.2 mile run... thought it was longer but drove it afterwards and confirmed 7.2. It was a great run having not ran since the 10K last weekend. Very hilly.

I also got my workout videos back while I was gone and will be starting the Jillian 30day shred again in the am. Friday is a ME day... very very excited! Massages, lunch out, new running shoes shopping with a great friend... and we are being good and starting the day with a 7 mile run!

Food journal starts tomarrow - promise!

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