Thursday, September 23, 2010

another day gone, 99 to go :)

So today wasnt the greatest day Ive had but it wasnt aweful either. I ate way too much, but besides just being exhausted I had a great day.

Some things that didnt happen ... I didnt work out, I didnt read to G (but we did make cookies together) but I did take my vitamin. I did spend sometime for me - and enjoyed lunch out with a friend. Had a great nap too.

G and I made "A" shaped sugar cookies tonight - my stupid camera was dead so no pics, sorry. It is "A" week at preschool so we are taking in "A" shaped cookies, apple slices, and local apple cider. I rock as a mom :)

I also started my xmas shopping for G today - got him a few leapster games that were on sale. I almost bought the Tag system and Tag map but I think I can find a better deal online. I started looking at all the starwars stuff too... oh the joys of having a boy :)

I have only ran once this week and it wasnt that great of a run so Im alittle nervous about tomarrow - tomarrow is my longest run before scaling back before the big half marathon. 12 miles tomarrow. Some of the negatives - we arent starting the run until alittle after 9am since I have to take G to school. I prefer to start my runs earlier. And its going to be hot and humid for some crazy reason tomarrow, they are calling for it to be 92 freaking degrees... hello its fall!?! And then saturday it cuts back to the low 70s, figures! But the good - I will be running with Nicole... yaaa for her knee feeling better! So since we will be running together, I know I will complete the 12 miles no matter what. Then its all down hill from there. Doing 10 miles 2-3 times next week, 6 miles the following week and 3 miles 1-2 times the week of the big run... so 7 or so more runs before the big one... wow!

Ok off to relax... got a new book this evening. Think Im heading for a bath :)

Tomarrow in a nut shell...
1. Get up with G and get him ready for school
2. 12 mile run with Nicole :)
3. Pick up G, nap time for him... maybe me too
4. Trip to the library with G
5. Dinner and family time

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