Monday, September 6, 2010

Conquered 8.5 miles!

WOOHOO! Today I ran from my house to my friend Rachael's, even made it longer by taking some back roads. 8.5 miles total. I walked the last 10 min or so and walked to eat my Gu so a few minutes x2. Took me 1 hour and 40 min. I am very proud of me.

I was also pretty proud of my dinner selection. I made a cheesy goey yummy lasagna and didnt eat a single bite :) My husband and 4 year old LOVED it. For me... I cooked a speghetti squash, then breaded and baked slices of eggplant. On top of that a few ounces of ground turkey and tomatoe sauce and a touch of cheese. Yummy! I didnt miss a thing!

Now the real question of the day... why is it that my body is getting smaller, I like myself so much more and am comfortable in my body BUT have no desire to be intimate with my hubby? Today he told me I was acting like I was 600lbs. I have no confidence in myself minus clothing.

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