Tuesday, September 7, 2010

officially a 5 year old :)

Today was my first swim lesson. It went really well and I can see that I am improving but will need lots of practice. I have to remind myself that not so many months ago I could barely run too but didnt give up and look at me now :) So I need to keep up with the swimming and I will get there.

We did freestyle and back stroke today. To start the back stroke she was behind me holding my shoulders... hense the feeling like a 5 year old.

She is very nice and very helpful though and Im happy to have her. My next class in Thursday morning.

Last night I went to retry on the speedo takini I bought at the beginning of the summer. It was too small for me when I bought it so thought it would be perfect now... nope... TOO BIG! I missed the opportunity to wear it. I will need a new bathing suit very soon - the one I have now feels huge.

This week is already flying - love having it off with my family though! Today G had his gradual entry into preschool then we headed to the gym for my lesson. Just finished eating lunch then although I wasnt planning on it - I think I may take a short nap. Then off to home depot to order our new floors - yAAAAA - and since its a GORGEOUS day ... Im thinking we might wash my SUV.

On a bummed out note - the lasagna I spent all that time making last night for my boys... eric put it in the microwave to sit while we took a family walk so it could cool off and the animals wouldnt get to it... well guess what I found in the microwave today when I went to warm up my lunch... yup! In the trash it had to go :(

On a happy note - I have a hair appt tomarrow...love hair appt days!

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