Thursday, September 30, 2010

RAINY RAINY thursday...

It is a raining mess today - to the point where public schools had to close early due to flash floods. Holy moly!

Plan today was to drop G off and head directly to the gym for my 10 mile run. Well from the car to preschool to car left me with soaking wet socks and shoes. Not really great run materials. So the plan was to pop by Rach's house, let my socks dry (I have an extra pair of running shoes in the car) then head out. Well the rainy bummy day took over and I never made it to the gym.

Am I bummed - sort of but its all good.

When I picked G up we braved the rain and went to the grocery store. Hubby went yesterday and filled my house with JUNK... I swear he is trying to sabatage me! So I went and bought some lean meats and tons and tons of veggies. Im going to make some veggie soup this afternoon. And plan to marinate and grill some chicken for the use of the next few days this afternoon. Im going to aim for a few days to eat clean and fresh... I was inspired by the biggest loser this week (watched it last night). Im going to aim for my carbs in the am only and lean meats and tons of veggies for lunch and dinner and fruit and veggies for snacks. While I would LOVE to eat like that all the time, I know that isnt realistic but I can get me doing it for a few days then just try to do it primarily.

I dont need all that other stuff. I dont need the snacks, chips, ect. I buy all this "diet" type food. Low fat, low sugar man made full of preservative crap and think Im eating healthy since Im eating low calorie. Yes it has helped me loose weight but hasnt helped me to really learn to care for my body right or make myself feel better. I think more whole healthy fresh nonprocessed food will do that.

So we will see how I feel for the next few days.

Today so far I have had
Lite english muffin with natural peanut butter and fruit preserves
tuna fish with mustard, a smear of mayo made with canola oil and dill with 1 serving of lite wheat thins

In a perfect world the lunch would have been tuna wrapped in lettuce leaves(I actually like that :) ) and some carrot sticks.

I will still get my 10 miles in today but they may be spread out over the course of the afternoon. But they will get in and so will some weight work! But first, a nap with my adorable 4 year old!

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