Thursday, September 30, 2010

UPDATE on the Top 100

First Weekly UPDATE
1. 30 min of exercise, even if its just running around with my preschooler or taking my dog for a brisk walk, minimum every single day. Not so hot on this one so far, have not worked out in for three days running but if you follow my blog I just discussed this in detail and Im getting back on track today!

2. Start taking a multi vitamen every day - I have no clue why I have such a difficulty with this!?! Woohoo I have actually done this one! I dont think I can honestly say that I feel any different because of it yet but its only been a week.

3. JOURNAL, JOURNAL, JOURNAL... both my food and my blog :) Umm... yea, I have been blogging like a crazy women. But need to work on the food journaling though.

4. Spend more time with my friends and let them know how much I care for them. Not sure on this one, I havent had much down time to work on this. I hope they know how much they mean to me :)

5. Hit the 140s! Yup havent made even an miliwatt coverage on this one - NADA, nothing, but like I said above it you read me you read about this too.

6. Run a half marathon (october 16th!!!) This is coming up SOOOO soon - 15 days to be exact. Getting a tad bit nervous!

7. Start every morning and end every night letting my husband know that I love him. This hasnt been going so hot either - we havent really been connecting much this week. We have been passing in the dark it seems and when we are both home we have been doing our own thing. We need to work on the reconnecting thing.

8. Read Gavin a book before bed most nights. When I have been home this has been a go - last night we sat on the couch and told each other short stories. It was so cute!

9. Be more silly, fun, and active with Gavin. Ditto number 8s response

Ok having relooked at these, I agree that this is what I need to work on but curious if I should lump some of them together. 9 goals is quite a bit!
How is your first week of the last 100 days of 2010 going???


  1. :) Thank you sooo much for your comment!! I am learning... lol.. And by all means snatch up the scale idea... (I did too!! lol) I am not the originator but I saw a few other bloggers doing it and LOVED the idea so... bam... my flinstone feet for the WORLD of blogs to see :) ...I'm now a follower!! :) Wishing you the best of luck with your journey... looking forward to reading your past posts!! :D

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I think you are doing great! My new motto is persistence not perfection. And I think your persistence will get you there! I also HATE taking vitamins! You are not alone. Also, I agree that you might want to shorten your list. I made mine really limited so that I could focus a bit. I also worked on habits that I knew I have to work on to get to my larger goals of losing weight and being healthy! Here's to our first week!!!

  3. I have to agree with Lala about "persistence not perfection"...that's a good motto. You have a good balance of goals - both fitness-related and having-a-life-related too, which is something us getting-fit bloggers sometimes forget to do!

    Good luck with Hot 100 week 2.

  4. I think you have great goals! And I love that they are about all aspects of you life:) I am amazed that our first week flew by so fast! I am going to do better in week two!!

  5. I'm from the HOT 100! Great progress! You're doing great, and we're all here to support you along the way! It will be a wonderful 100 days until the end of 2010 :)

  6. Good start. I took my mulivitamin for the first time in probably three months. I need to work on making that a daily habit. Good luck with the half marathon!

  7. Wow, good luck on your half marathon! I need to get back to taking vitamins, that's a great goal.