Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday weigh in 10/1/10

Alot is centered around fridays right now and seeing that its the first day of a new month and Im trying to yet again get back on track and make some changes... Im changing my weigh in to fridays.

Todays weigh in - no surprise...

I stayed the exact same. I have maintained for about a month now - yay for maintaining but Im ready to get back on the losing train, you know? Im badly in need of a manicure - yuck, sorry!
I also retook my measurements. I will update that section tonight. Since August I have only lost 1 inch from my abs, 1/2 inch from my bust and nothing from my hips. Previously I wasnt measuring my arms and legs so I just started that today. 13 in for my arm, 24 for my thigh.
Im going to stick with my plan that I discussed a few days ago here
with cleaner eating, carbs mainly in the am, more protein and veggies, less processed crap.
I also need to get back into the workout routine. My run is quickly coming up and I havent exercised in 4 days! I was doing so much better with cross training, I cant even remember the last time I was at spin class - its been weeks! And I have decided not to swim until they put the dome back on - its just too damn cold!
Here is to a good week...
Weekly Goals
1. Stay within my WW points and track them, every bite
2. NO restaurant meals this week
4. Get to 155!
5. 4 workouts minimum, and restarting weights!

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  1. I can understand about you maintaining. I maintained for 17weeks and is stinks! I just lost this week so hope it is over. I tried to track everyday...maybe that is what helped me. Good luck and don't give up