Tuesday, October 12, 2010

good here - another quickie:)

Sorry folks - I went from 3 post a day last week to barely getting on and just giving bullet points. I will be back full force soon - promise!

This week is shaping up to be a great week so far! Yesterday at work was 100% better than this past Saturday. I could actually breath and do my job right. Last night when I got home instead of coming on here like I wanted to - I headed to the workout room and got my weight workout in. This morning I actually got up when I wanted to and got outside for a faster pace run with my dog, Gracie. Only ran 2 miles since Im on cut back week but I ran them much faster than I normally do - it felt great! Now relaxing with my cup of tea and toast with natural peanut butter and jelly.

Those of you that were wonderful and sweet and have given me awards on your blogs - I will get there, promise! Thursday I should have some down time and will get cought up... I havent gotten to hardly anyones blogs and Im curious how everyone is doing!

Now the bullet points for today :)

  • Yesterday, a nurse practitioner that works with the cardiology group was coming through the ICU - she stopped, looked at me and said "are you getting smaller"... LOVE THAT!!!
  • Everyone is wishing me luck on the run this saturday... thank you!!!! I feel prepared and so excited!
  • I really dont miss coffee... shocker I know! There are so many great flavors of tea out there and since you make it one cup at a time, I can try a different one each time. My fav right now is Chai green tea and a local pumpkin spice tea. Didnt care for vanilla chai... too fake vanilla for me! And I only need a single cup in the am and 1-2 cups at work... compared to the usual 6 cups of coffee in the am and several esspresso drinks at work. HUGE DIFFERENCE!
  • I havent weighed myself since Friday!!! YAAAA! Granted fri and sat I was off meal plan - big time but sunday and yesterday 100% back on. So that will cancel out those two days.... so my guess is Im still 158 right now but I have the rest of the week to get negative and I am staying on plan. And Im not weighing in til friday! THats a big step for me
  • Im meal planning like crazy for when my dad is here - I LOVE LOVE LOVE greenlitebites.com I found tons of breakfast, dinner and snack options. Im going to try a ton of new recipes and will post my success and failures!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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