Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tired tuesday...

While it is still very much SORE TUESDAY lets add tired to the list!

I got alot of things done today but not much from my actual to do list. I had a great spin class - my ass is sore now because I hadnt been to spin in almost 3 weeks! But I stuck out the class and really pushed myself. Then it was off to do some shopping with a friend and bought a pair of size 10 jeans!!! I was a 16 last fall! WOOHOO.

Eating has not been great today - at all! I lost count of points quite a while ago so Im just assuming ALL my extra weekly points are gone for the rest of the week. I ate lunch out with a friend and although I made the smartest choice there it was still WAY over what I would have done calorie wise if I was at home. Then G and I made homemade pumpkin vegan cookies and I ate several of them. I got the recipe from Roni over at GreenLiteBites - you should check it out...here. My husband was NOT a fan. My son loves them and Im indifferent. They are very filling and low cal and will be great with coffee in the am :) Then I made tacos and instead of my original plan of eating my turkey black bean taco on a lettuce leaf with no cheese and homemade salsa I said "f it" and had 3 regular tacos with cheese. uhhhhh.

Needless to say I dont see my daily weight happenning in the am :)

Right now Im watching my hubby and son play football on the living room floor - so cute!

Tomarrow is lots of errands, cleaning bathrooms, big workout (4-5 mile run and full weight training again - oh my poor legs). G has karate tomarrow too... nothing is cuter than a 4 year old in karate... absolutely adorable.

Tonight I see a bubble bath in my future - wish I would have gotten to cleaning the bathrooms today though.

Tomarrow lots of pics... promise! And healthier eating. And hopefully more energy!

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  1. HA! My husband didn't like them either. Only my son and I ate them. I think if we didn't call them "cookies" they'd give them another shot. lol