Thursday, October 14, 2010


SO many wonderful things to talk about :)

1. Tomarrow is weigh in day and unless I MASSIVELY binge tonight (yes I have done that before), Im pretty sure I will FINALLY have a lossing weight again!

2. My dad is already at the airport about to board a plane to come to Maryland....yaaaaa!

3. My awesome friend Nicole made me iron ons for my running shirt - yaaaa, so I will be making an adorable shirt today. I meant to order one but time got away from me.

4. Tomarrow we head down to the city. Im going to stop in and see my old work :) GO to the expo, dinner in little italy and a hotel room without my 4 year old since he is bunking in Pappy's hotel room :)

5. Im enjoying some hot tea (see #6) then will be heading out for a short easy 2 mile run with my dog. Thats as far as my dog can go comfortably. This is my take it easy week leading up to the big run. This is my last run before Saturday. But also looking at it a different way - its my shortest run probually until March since when this is done I will be in marathon training!

6. Im officially coffee free - 100% coffee free! Its been a week and I have no desire for a coffee. I am very much enjoying all my different flavors of tea. Im enjoying no huge mess with grinding beans. No more my son telling me I have a stinky breath.

Tonight I will catch up hopefully on everyones blogs. I miss you all!


  1. So, just curious...why no more coffee period? Are you going caffeine free, or just backing off from coffee?

  2. Shan - I drank ALOT of coffee... the equivalant to 3-4 pots a day! My son constantly told me that my breath stank. It had a strange hold on me. I would eventually like to cut back on my caffein but knew I couldnt do it cold turkey so I switched to tea. The surprising part though was I dont miss it. And now Im only drinking 2-3 cups of hot tea a day. I am not anti coffee - and will eventually enjoy an expresso drink here and there just not right now.

  3. Christina,

    That makes sense. I cut back on coffee once and switched to was great. Somehow, I got back on the coffee wagon. I've started cutting back again after I noticed I was drinking a full pot every day.
    I'm noticing now that after my 1 cup (read - 2 cups..I have a big mug!), I'm getting jittery...I can't tell if it's my blood sugar or my caffeine. I guess I need to go back to tea :)