Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I am weak

Yup I am a weak person! No I didnt go off plan.... but I said I wouldnt weigh myself until friday but when I woke up this morning the devil on my shoulder said "do it do it do it" - my conscience said NO dont! If you didnt lose weight you will be bummed and binge today. If you did lose weight you will think you deserve a treat and binge. Either way BAD BAD BAD! Dont do it!

well guess who one? Not the smart decision not to weigh in... nope... im weak.

But guess what? I had a GOOD number on the scale... not saying what yet... its my lowest weight yet! Guess you will have to wait until friday! And no I will NOT go off plan because of it - its staying on plan that has gotten me there! I will do good!

Last day of work and then 6 days off!
Tomarrow my dad flies in!
72 hours til I run my half!


  1. Good news on the scale is always nice! :) I look forward to Friday to see what that number is!

  2. I understand your obsession...I told my weight loss counselor I didn't want to know my weight, yet every other morning or so I step on the scale at my house-even though it is not very accurate...looking forward to your Friday number!

    Polar's Mom