Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekly friday update...

FINALLY a losing week! I lost 3 lbs this week! YAAAA! Granted when I cheated and peeked yesterday I was 154.5 ... thats why you dont peek! I am very happy this morning! I need to keep this momentum going!!!
Tomarrow is the big run... OMG!!!!
As for my Hot 100 challange updates...
Goal #1 - Lose 1lb a week.....woohoo I can FINALLY say I did this!!!
Goal #2 Overall healthier and nicer to my body - YES YES and YES. I have gone all week with my switch from coffee to tea... and dropping my caffeine intake by like 600%! I have taken my vitamins. I not only drank my water, but bought a cool new waterbottle that goes everywhere I do. I have worked out, did weights. ANd every day have actually done my hair and makeup and feel pretty.
Goal #3 Make exercise a priority. Yup - besides the fact that Im running a half marathon tomarrow!!! This week has been odd since I have had to cut back my mileage to get ready but I have gotten up early and taken the shorter runs with my dog and got 2 full body weight workouts in.
Goal #4 Make special moments with my son and husband... I was thinking about this one this morning when my four year old climbed into bed with us at 7 this morning... all three of us snuggled close together and went back to sleep. It was sweet and awesome. Better yet my, who is from Texas, is up visiting this week! My son is in heaven following around his "Texas Pappy"
All in all its been a really good week goal wise :) Im slightly concerned since we have house guest I will eat more than I would like. But I have taken steps for being good - I have planned a very healthy menu and filled my house with tons of fruits and veggies.


  1. hahahahha that is so funny that you peeked!! I tend to peek too!! CONGRATS on the loss!! That is so amazing!! You are doing great!!! :D

  2. Fellow hottie coming to visit.

    I LOVE YOUR GOALS! Way to go on all of your accomplishments this week. I hope you have a good run.