Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yes a third post today...

How I have had time for three post today, I have no clue but here I am...

And Im rejuvinated. I was feeling alittle sorry for me - I ate WAY too much today and didnt get everything done and felt super tired and wah wah wah... I am over that. I have come to terms and Im moving on.

I took a nice long HOT bath - just what I needed. Now Im sitting here watching biggest loser. THe beginning reminded me that...


I deserve to be taken care of just as well as I take care of everyone else. I deserve to give myself just as much attention. I am worthy.

So I decided to sit here instead and write out my workout for tomorrow - if anyone is interested in joining me it will include... (and yes I may never be able to walk again, thats how it feels!)

Warm up - 5 mile or 1 hour run which ever comes first

Upper body
1. bicep curls 2 sets of 12
2. lay down over head triceps 2 sets of 12
3. pushups 1 set of 10
4. Sitting shoulder press 2 x12
5. bent over row 2 x 12
6. Over head pull over 2 x10
then repeat from 1 through 6

1. crunches 2 x12
2. plank 60sex x2
3. back extensions 1 x8
4. captains chair 2 x12
5. side crunches 1 x12
then repeat 1 through 5

Lower body
1. Lunges 2 x10
2. calf raises 2 x25
3. plie squats 2 x10
4. bridge pose with balance ball 1 x8
then repeat 1 through 4

Ummm first Im already REALLY sore so Im alittle worried. Im hoping the run will loosen things up... hope. Second, I HATE running on the treadmill... HATE. 5 miles will be the longest I have ever ran on a treadmill. Third, Im alittle nervous of doing pushups in the weight area... with the guys... I may or may not look like a moron. I may add them to the core area since Im already on the floor doing floor like stuff.

And if I have to tell my son one more time "get your hands off you penis"... uhhhh... the life of having a boy!


  1. That workout sounds intense!! I so may have to steal it!!! but is it really stealing if I told you?! Well, I am more than likely stealing it!! :D

    and LOL at the son comment!!! hahahahahaha

  2. please feel free to "steal" my workouts anytime... you will be sore though! MY LEGS ARE SO SORE and tight ... and thats before todays workout! I hope it gets easier!