Sunday, October 31, 2010

what am I going to do now?

Its 715 am. Im up, showered, hair done, make up on - still in my pj's. Was about to put my scrubs on and get out the door but then I got a FABULOUS phone call. Today is my day off but I agreed to come in for 4 hours to help out the intensivist at work since he didnt have a midlevel scheduled today. Turns out we have like 4 patients and he just called and said thanks but I can stay home... YAAAA!

Well Im too awake to go back to bed. So what am I going to get into today? Im thinking in a few minutes Im going on a quick cleaning spree. Definately going to get my workout in... havent decided if Im going to go for another LONG run or hitting the gym for the treadmill and the pool. And maybe... just maybe... I might try to get in for a massage! I am a member at massage envy... love it... and havent used my monthly massage yet. Im kid free until 3pm... wow!

A few other things... Im charging myself... yup you heard me right. I started yesterday and so far its worked. I dont keep cash on me and the deal is I have to put money in the jar right away or cant do it. Havent decided where the money will go at the end of each month - savings? donation? Any other ideas??? I need to force myself to stay away from the candy grazing I have been doing... one turns into 10 turns into an amount I cant even count! And yes you can have the occational piece of candy... but I cant. It makes me crave WAY more. I cant stop - like an alcoholic but with chocolate or sugar or whatever. So yes I let myself have a treat but those treats are something special and typically homemade... not the candy corn I have been shoveling into my mouth! I also need to be accountable for skipping my workouts - one skip turns into 2 turns into 3 turns into a week! Yes sometimes you need to change your workout plans - I have a pretty intense schedule. So my charge for missing a workout isnt for if I change a workout or downsize a workout... its for missing a whole day of doing something. So if I scheduled an intense workout and I am not feeling up to it, sore, ect... I can change that to a nice long walk with my dog or jumping on the trampoline with my kid... I still need to get out and do SOMETHING.

So here are the charges
1. $1 for each serving of candy
2. $5 for each missed day of workout

Im going to make a cute jar later today :) I may need to go to the ATM to have some money set aside :)

We are going into another month... what will you do just for you this month? Im going to make sure I get outside for fresh air daily and maybe just maybe if Im brave enough have a maid service come in (without hubby knowing it - he isnt in favor of the idea... thats where the brave part comes from :)

What will you do for you?

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  1. Not a bad idea... that might force my tail out of bed on those awful January mornings!