Tuesday, November 2, 2010

back to weight watchers...

So technically I have been "following" the weight watcher plan. I know my point values. I know how to calculate them and I know how many I should get. But I didnt go to meetings or pay or anything.

Yea its not working for me. With only losing 1 lb in Oct total - I have been thinking about going back to meetings for a few weeks. Ithink today will be the day. I really dont have the spare money to spend on meetings or another bill but Ithink I need the group atmosphere. I need the accountability. Something.

I need to change something because Im starting a routine with losing, gaining, losing gaining the same 3-4 lbs, eatting horribly and ignoring my points values and feeling really bad about myself.

Knowing we are going into the holidays - I need help.

So today I will be going back to the WW place - tell them I failed on my own AGAIN (I have been there over and over) and hopefully its what I need.


  1. How do you find that the WW thing fits into the running/fitness lifestyle?
    I have used their program in the past and I really thought it made it fairly easy to stay on track.

  2. WW is fairly easy to follow if you actually do it but with running - certain things I dont count... like my gu during a long run. I figure I run off that many calories x10.

    When I was doing it last time consistantly it was before I was exercising the amount I am now... so we will see

  3. I don't consider it a failure for you to go back to WW. Instead, it's recognizing that you need help before it gets out of hand! If you're finding it hard to control your eating you might want to read (or re-read) "Breaking Free of Emotional Eating" because I found it really helps me to refocus when I drift.

    Best of luck!