Tuesday, November 2, 2010

big step

SO today I took the big step. I realized that I need some more help. I need more structure. I need more support. Having been on a self caused plataeu for the past 8 weeks or so and going into the holiday schedule... IM SCARED. Scared enough that I am sucking up the $40/month and my limited time and headed back to WW today.

I was initially going to just go to open weigh in and fill out the paperwork, weigh in and leave. But nope, last minute decided I should start it right and went to a 930am meeting. I didnt really learn anything new but it was a great vibe by a great WW person.

Last time (well the last 5 times probually) that I went back to WW - I didnt really follow things. I didnt read the books they gave us, didnt take notes, barely stayed for meetings, didnt try to meet and mingle with the other members. Well I decided if Im going back - then Im going back. 100% and will be putting my all into it.

Got my workout in today - wasnt really feeling it but did it.

Im aiming for 545am spin class before work tomarrow - take 2 this week, monday didnt happen. Its going to be a LONG day. 45 min spin class in the am, shower and dress at the gym, work 12 hours, pick up my little man and get him into bed, then weight training. Wish me luck! Boy do I wish I didnt have to work... I love my job, dont get me wrong but my life would flow so much better without having to get my shifts in!

Hope everyone is having a good week!


  1. Well, I can certainly be a fellow WW cheerleader! I'm doing it online because of the cost of the actual meetings, but I love it. Hopefully, you are able to connect more to your meetings!

    I don't see how you get in exercise before a 12 hour shift. That's awesome!

  2. yes didnt happen this morning - if someone could just physically get my body out of bed I would be GREAT... but the bed is so comfy!

  3. It is tough to do those early morning workouts, but I am so much more productive when I do them! Of course, my workdays tend to be just ten hours (12's make that more difficult) - hopefully you'll find that once you get into a routine, it makes your life easier instead of more difficult.

  4. I love WW! I rarely get any info I wasn't already aware of. Not that I'm such a genius, but it's really commonsense stuff. But the support and the accountability are good for me. Plus I feel like the meetings kind of reset me for the week and remind me what I'm supposed to be doing. Sounds like you're in it to win it!