Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rocking day...

Day two and still LOVING the new weight watchers plan. I have been more satisfied and have made such healthier options all day long. The truth will come on weigh in next week I guess.

Got a new book in the mail today - first marathon stories... so looking forward to reading it... hoping it will help inspire!

Also had a rocking day at the gym. Spin class was so hard, wanted to vomit kind of hard. Then rocked a full weights/strength training workout. I felt awesome!

This will be a great workout week -
Yesterday ran
Today spin/strength training
Thur - running with hubby
Fri - spin class with the awesome nicole then strength training

SOOOO looking forward to friday - girl day with my Nicole :) We havent seen each other since the half marathon in October! That is forever ago! SO we are hitting the gym first, then finishing our xmas shopping and sushi! WOOHOO!

Its a great friend week too - works out well since E is on evenings. Tonight Rach and I took the boys to TaiKwonDo and home for a healthy dinner. Tomorrow I get to see Katie - its been MONTHS... and we will aim for a healthy dinner again :) and I already told you about friday... then work the weekend but this awesome week is worth it!

Gavin has a train 25 days to xmas with the 25 doors. This morning there was a candy bracelet and a letter from Milo the elf saying that he is watching for Santa and hopes he likes the bracelet. Also said that they really want cookies to be in the santa cookie jar - that it was a tease, so they filled it for me... you should have seen his face when he went and looked and sure enough there were cookies in the cookie jar :) Tomorrow Milo is leaving a coupon for a family lunch at the train garden.


  1. Glad you are really liking the new ww plan!!!! I noticed a lot of people were nervous! Seems like it was good changes though!! :)

  2. Ok, so my points were 30 (cause I'm fat) and they went all the way up to 50. How the heck am I supposed to eat 50 points? Today was the closest I came and I still have 6 points left. Tuesday and Monday I had well over 15 points. Oh well!

    Glad you are liking the new points! Hopefully, I get used to it.

  3. I haven't ever done a spin class but I am seriously considering it, because I think I might like to do a triathlon at some point and cycling is my weak point. Good job this week!

  4. Terri - if you do a spin class know that the first one will make your butt SOOOOO sore from the seat... but dont let that deter you. After 2-3 classes you cant tell anymore at all.