Friday, November 19, 2010

still kicking...

Im still here - sorry to be MIA.

Im working a horrible stretch at work - 84 hours in 8 days.... ewwww. On top of that I still feel like crud... pretty sure its just sinus/head cold now. Miserable but will survive.

I havent worked out since tuesday. I keep trying to get up to do it in the am but Ive been dizzy and not feeling so hot and just cant get myself to attempt to workout. Im going to try again tonight after work.

But I have been spot on with my calories - since I cant taste anything, it helps :) SO hopefully just from my eating this week I will be down weight wise.

On a side note - my heart goes out to my coworkers. I didnt know this person since Im relatively new but a coworker became a patient this week that we are now prepping him for organ donation. Its been a rough week in the ICU - lots of tears and very very strong nurses and doctors doing their best to take care of others when their hearts are broken. I work with an amazing group of people.

On a quick note - here is my hot 100 update. Sorry they have been so short lately but I have just been so blah!
1. Lose 1lb a week minimally - nope I gained o.6 lbs this week.... read about it here
2. Be better to me health, exercise, mentally - havent done so great on this either. Im sick and feel HORRIBLE. I got two days of great exercise in this week, not great but better than nothing. Hoping for atleast a run tonight or tomorrow but will depend on how I feel. I also havent done anything for me - Im way over due my monthly massage (I pay for a monthly massage club) and really need my hair cut and dyed but have no clue when that is going to get fit in.
3. Make special time for my family - Im on day 3 of an almost 8 day stretch... I havent seen my family in what already seems like forever. Hoping if I get off early Sat hubby and I are going out for sushi. Looking foward to some days off and Thanksgiving with my family.


  1. So sad you're working so much and feeling "blah". I totally get it though. Stay positive and get through all those horrid hours of work!

  2. Being sick is the worst. I hope you feel better and get to enjoy your Thanksgiving break!

  3. I'm sorry you are feeling so bad. Hopefully, you get over it soon! It's always hard to accomplish your goals when you aren't feeling the greatest.

  4. Aww, you are having a rough time. :( I think you need to be kind to yourself right now - you can get back on track when you're feeling better and things aren't so hectic. I almost always lose weight when I'm sick, anyway, so I don't feel guilty about taking a couple of days to recuperate. Hope things start looking up for you!