Tuesday, November 9, 2010

wishful hoping for tomorrow...

FIRST... I am so freaking sore! I cannot get over how sore I am. Yes I kicked up my workout a notch this week but there were no elements I hadnt already done. Yet my ribs hurt, my back hurts, my shoulder hurts, my legs super hurt.

Ok enough whining... oh - one more... Im tired. I should already be in bed and its not even 9 yet because yes Im that tired. My husband is on evening shift this week - so evenings are me me and me. My preschooler didnt nap today - guess what a GREAT evening we had huh? Surprisingly he didnt have any melt downs or anything else but if I heard mommy? one more time... oh my god he must have asked me 100 questions every hour. Im so not exagerating. It was never ending. Yes I should be thankful to have such an amazing son that has the ability to ask alot of questions but my patience some days is just no good... and I started my period today so I was very short.

SO I work 36 hours in the next three days with having to pick up G from the babysitter at 8 or 830 pm, get him to bed and then get myself settled. Normally that means I slack... alot... when it comes to the workout portions on days I work. That is NOT happenning this week! So here is my plan...

Wed - 545 am spin class then shower at the gym and head to work, possibly do weights after work if my soreness settles a bit

Thur - 530 am at the gym for 1hour on the treadmill (yes I have a treadmill in my house but I dont workout NEARLY as hard as I do at the gym) then shower and head to work.

Friday - strength training before work

Sat both Eric and I are off and Im sleeping in! and most likely taking the day off all together for working out unless I feel up for a run outside.

My work bag and gym bag are packed and ready to go. My lunch is in the fridge. I have already logged my planned points into the WW website for tomorrow. My water bottle is packed. Im ready to go and I plan to be heading into bed in about 10 min - despite really wanting to finish watching the BL ... but its on DVR and I can finish it another night.

I most likely wont be on here until friday evening - dont miss me too much! I just wont have time to do it all... and something has to go. Miss you all.


  1. That is exactly what I have to do on the long weeks - pack everything and make sure it's all ready to go before I go to bed. I'm going to be up at 5 every day for the rest of the week, and up at 3:30 on Saturday, if it's any consolation! Hang in there - the weekend cometh! :)

  2. My youngest son is the same way. He will say Momma for 5 minutes and when I finally answer he says, "I love you". Sweet? Yes. Annoying after 50 million times? Yes.

    Great job keeping up the work out routine during work.