Wednesday, January 12, 2011

finishing up wed

The good
  1. My hubby told me I could have talked him into going out to dinner, I considered it then said NOPE and we went home and ate healthily
  2. I did an awesome 5 miles on the tread mill
  3. I wrote down EVERYTHING I ate today - even those fruit snacks
  4. I went through the dunkin donuts drive through to get a coffee and did NOT get a donut or 3!
  5. My haircut is awesome!

The not so good

  1. I wanted to run another 5 miles this evening but with my mom coming over and sharing some not great news about her marriage it didnt happen... instead I curled up on the couch with my husband and watch a show he wanted to watch and let him know how much I love him.
  2. I gave in on a big bowl of lucky charms at 9pm...wasnt really hungry at all either. I didnt need it. I shouldnt have done it. BUT I tracked it and I owned up to it and Im moving on!

Tomorrow I am going to get those 5 miles in early in the am before work. I will stay on plan all day. I will track. I will drink my water. Plan to not use any more extra weekly points from here on out - friday we head to Jersey and I will need them.


  1. I'm going to the gym early, too - hate the idea, but I'm doing it anyway. have a great day tomorrow!

  2. So proud of you resisting the the Dunkin! Tough call! LOVE their hot chocolate!

    Polar's Mom

  3. I just found your blog recently and haven't read through all of it...but I see many similarities between us/our journeys!

    My husband and I struggle with the whole support system thing. I tell him to tell me "no" when I want to go out to dinner but then when it comes time for him to put me to the test and he tells me no...I bite his head off (poor guy!). It's a no-win situation for our men sometimes.

    I don't know about you but the rule in our house is that I simply don't buy anything that would tempt me. You seem to like the sugary cereals. For me, it's chips. The only way to handle it is to simply not buy any chips and my husband just has to deal with it. I know you have a little one who the cereal might be for...but perhaps you could just stick with stuff like Cheerios or other whole grain/non-sugary stuff? Anyways, just a thought.

    I think you're doing awesome and I love your renewed dedication to staying healthy :)