Sunday, January 9, 2011

I have a plan...

Im going into this week with a plan... and IM STICKING TO IT DAMN IT! Sorry for the cursing but I need a good quick swift kick in the butt.

Here is the workout plan
Monday - I work but will get up and do 30 min treadmill and upper body weights
Tuesday - I work but will get up and do 30 min treadmill and abs
Wed - off work, early morning spin, later 10 mile run
Thur - upper body weights
Fri - Morning spin
Sat - 13 mile run in Jersey

Yes its alot but I need to get thrown back into things. Thats when I do my best. And if I plan 100% and its a busy 100% and I only end up doing 75% then thats still awesome.

Eating wise - here is my plan
  • Monday - shake for breakfast, chicken/veggies lunch, goat cheese flat bread pizza for dinner, fruit/nuts for snack.
  • Tues - exact same
  • Wed - shake for breakfast, soup sandwich for lunch, salmon veggies for dinner. fruit/veggies for snack
  • Thur - same as monday but maybe add some soup in there
  • Fri and sat we are in jersey - I will do my best.

Wed I have a hair appt which always makes me feel great.

Things I will NOT be doing this week -

  1. feeling sorry for myself
  2. eating after 9pm when im not even hungry
  3. hitting the coffee shop
  4. sneak to the gift shop for candy
  5. talk my husband into going out to eat

When I feel like I want to binge/munch/inhale/ect when it is NOT a meal time I will... drink 8 oz of water. In 30 min if I still am craving/starving then I will have some fruit of veggies and dip and 8oz more of water. If in another 30 min Im still hungry then I will eat something healthy.

I need to do things right this week. I need to make that start. It will be a hard week but I can do it!

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