Thursday, January 13, 2011

Todays good bad and a plan...

Happy Thursday Evening everyone!

For todays bad.... not a heck of alot! I did NOT get up to workout today. I was warm and comfy in my bed and just couldnt get up. I was going to run a few or 5 miles when I got off work but its 8pm and Im starving and have decided to run 13 miles in the am so Im taking the day off. And I dont feel bad about it :)

The good... tons!
  1. I stayed within my points today!
  2. Im proud of me. I decided to go to the daily grind at work today and get a soy latte... havent had one in a while. 3 points and Im ok with that. On the way there I had talked myself into also getting a scone. I told myself that I "deserved" it but I also had the good person on my shoulder saying that I have been good and dont really need it. So I told myself I would look and if I saw something that was super yummy looking - I really wanted a maple or cinnomon super dry scone. So I got there and got my soy latte and they had a cinnomon apple, white chocolate and regular chocolate. None really spoke to me so I said no thank you and moved on to the cafeteria and got a banana instead :) yaaa me!

The plan part -

Tomorrow I am heading to New Jersey to see my hubbys family for our late xmas. Typically I eat like a pig while we are there. My SIL keeps ALOT of snacks and I try them all. I get junk food for the ride to Jersey. I drink a few sodas or a few cocktails. Either way Im NOT good. I have a plan in place this time around. Im not going down that road tomorrow. I know its only a few meals but I know me... I turn that into a binge month... hello decembers 10 lb weight gain!

So tomorrow am I am hitting the gym and getting my first 1/2 marathon distance run since the actual half in October. Afterwards we will be heading out. I plan to pack some healthy snacks - fruit, veggies and dip, almonds. I plan to pack some of the veggie soup I made to take with us. Maybe a shake or two ... nice to have the single package shakes for that reason! I plan to make smarter choices when possible - for example they will make a big breakfast saturday... I will make some egg whites and toast instead. I am saying no to alcohol too... although I really want to make some sangria. I will do the water thing and instead enjoy a dessert instead.

I wont work out saturday - but will need the break after a 13 mile run tomorrow.

I have a plan!

Im excited to get a sneak peak at the scale at the gym tomorrow.


  1. Hey a day off every once in a while is totally necessary. Kick butt tomorrow-just say NO at the SIL's house! I, too, worry about going to see the inlaws next-the whole dang family can cook up a storm!

    Polar's Mom

  2. Good for you! You have a plan and that's always a good thing. You won't be flying in blind. I find it's always easier to stick with a plan when you prepare ahead of time.

  3. Sounds like a good plan!!! way to go on getting the banana instead too!

  4. Good for you for going with the banana when you realized that the offering of baked goods didn't have anything you REALLY wanted! That's a great NSV! :D

    And I agree - having a Plan is vital to successfully navigating dangerous food situations. That's something I need to do more often...! ;}