Sunday, February 20, 2011

alittle housekeeping..

Sorry I havent updated like my normal OCD self... but life has been busy busy busy.

FOOD - starting the week off doing GREAT. Eating only when hungry. Making good choices. Calcuated my points after the end of the day just to see and was right at my daily target but then something changed. Not sure what and the last 2.5 days have been eatting pretty crummy and the chocolate cherry birthday cake I made for my moms bday dinner tonight is taunting me... tomorrow I will have to throw it away.

RUNNING - today I aimed for my first 20 mile run. I wasnt feeling it at all this morning and slept in an hour past when I hoped to start running. I wasnt looking forward to the route I made... very boring, up and down stupid streets. I wasnt looking forward to running 4 hours by myself. But when I woke up this morning the sun was shining and I got outside and moving. The first 5 miles felt awesome. The second 5 miles felt ok... boring but ok... I started singing my music outloud and got some interesting staring. Miles 10-13 SUCKED. I hadnt had the chance to run at all since last weeks long run... now I understand why they schedule those shorter runs in between your long runs. I was hurting. My right hip and thigh were NOT happy. I started to limp around mile 12.5. I was about 4 miles from home at that point and decided initially I would just run home but after another 0.5 miles the limp was worse and getting an injury 28 days away from the marathon NOT a good idea. So at 13 ish miles I called my husband to come get me. 13 miles is not bad at all. Not what I wanted but not bad. I decided to make today the middle of longs running and will do my 20 miles this thursday.

OTHER EXERCISE - I keep trying to restart 30 day shred and after 15 min give up... my mind just isnt into it. I will retry tomorrow. Also need to get cross training. Plan for this week -
monday - spin class, 30 day shred
tuesday - 8 mile run, 30 day shred
wed- spin class, 30 day shred
thur - 20 mile run
friday - rest
Sat - 30 day shred, elliptical

WORK - work has been SOOOOO busy. I have had some great days at work lately though on a professional level. This coming Tuesday is my first shift at our sister hospital. Im alittle nervous - its only 6 hours but its 6 hours of just me. The ICU doc signs off to me for those 6 hours. Yes in an emergency he is just a phone call away and I have the ER docs as my backup but the minute to minute decisions are 100% me. My home ICU has a doc 24/7 so while I manage my patients they are right there for me to toss ideas off of them. Today I swung by the new ICU and got a tour and what not so I would feel atleast a tad bit more comfy come tuesday but still very nervous.

SO thats my week in a nut shell... how was your weekend?

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  1. It makes it easier to do the long runs if you can log some miles during the week - even just three miles every other day will make a difference. Good luck this week!