Thursday, February 24, 2011

burnt out

I am burnt out.

Im burnt out on dieting. Counting calories. Calculating points. Planning meals.

Im burnt out on exercise. EXPECIALLY RUNNING. I am definately looking forward to the week after marathon that is going to be run free. Im burnt out on heading to the gym. Packing my gym bag ect.

To be honest, if you couldnt tell from my lack of post ... Im a bit burnt out on blogging.

On a positive note I ran 20 miles today. It was a LONG 4 hours but I took a new route and my surroundings were gorgeous. The two straight up hills that were a mile a piece SUCKED.

Im working the next 3 days - Im going to take that time to try to regroup a bit.

1 comment:

  1. Is there something you could do to give yourself some R&R? Like a trip to the salon or spa? A Gir's Night Out? maybe if you just forget about everything for a little bit- take a day off - maybe you'd get some energy and focus back. Don't quit- you're so close!