Sunday, February 13, 2011

I ran 18 freaking miles~!!!!!

I DID IT, I DID IT!!!!! I am so freaking proud of myself! It took me 3 hours and 35 min but thats ok!

I did a run that started from home - went towards my favorite shorter run about 6 miles to the north east, then hit another running loop 6 miles back then headed 6 miles down to another town where my wonderful husband picked me up.

Thoughts/issues/experiences during my run...
  • I had to pee from mile 3 to mile 12! I came very close to going into the woods around mile 8 but every time I went into the woods I chickened out... the thought of no toilet paper and then running many many more miles discouraged me. At mile 12 I passed a small grocery/liquer store and so glad I brought some cash. I went in and bought the best snickers bar I have ever eaten and a gatorade. Then asked very nicely if I could us their restroom that had about 5 signs saying not for the public... they said yes thank god!
  • Two long runs ago my underward rubbed at the sides leaving a gash in my butt and it HURT. I decided to run comando today... BAD IDEA! So the running pants I wore had a big seam right down the middle of my butt that rubbed and rubbed and rubbed... my butt crack HURTS... I know TMI but who cares!
  • The hills... OMG ... HORRIBLE! Im not hill training this time around, Baltimore was very hilly and I made sure I hill trained. Virginia Beach is pretty flat - needless to say I walked up alot of hills today.
  • Around mile 14-15 I was pretty much DONE. I didnt want to run anymore. I was contemplating calling my husband and having him come get me (i told him he could only come get me if I told him i was hurt not because I didnt want to run anymore, I was contemplating practicing a limp)... well then I hear MOMMY MOMMY and turn and there is my husband and kid in the monster truck coming down the road to check on me. HUGE smile on my face... I instantly felt better, great even. And knowing they were at my finish line waiting for me was awesome.
  • You get VERY hungry after a run like this. I took a bubble bath, then went out for the best bacon cheese burger ever and then crashed into an awesome nap with my favorite little boy.

Im getting there! Next weekends long run will be 20 miles, then 22 miles then 20 miles then I start cutting back... crazy!


  1. Great job! :) You should be very proud of yourself - that's hard to do on your own!

  2. That is so Awesome!!! I can't imagine running - let alone any kind of exercise for that long!!! You deserved that cheeseburger! You might need to look into some kind of supliments for those long runs. (not that I know much about it, but I think runners do that sort of thing.)

  3. Amy - your right. I have tried everything, my favorite is chocolate Gu... I take one every 5 miles.

  4. I am a little behind and have my 18 miler next weekend! Bummer about the no underwear thing working out. Running with no underwear is the best thing I ever did : )

  5. Twila - its a good thought in theory :) I need to get different running pants. For the Shamrock marathon I am treating myself to a super cute running skirt!

  6. Way to go! LOL that you had to pee for so many miles and your butt crack got injured. :)