Saturday, February 5, 2011


this will be a super quick post - I need to shower and get moving... tons of stuff to do today!

I fought the night time eating demons last night and guess what??? I WON! But seriously I layed in bed for hours thinking about food. I am such a dork. I just kept repeating to myself as I layed in bed "I love me, I love me" - sometimes I have to remind myself. I kept saying that over and over so that the other voices wouldnt take over "come on, just a packet of fruit snacks" " how about some cheese and crackers" "CEREAL, must have cereal". I finished my daily points around 9pm last night and didnt let a single thing pass through my mouth after that. This is a HUGE step for me - expecially since I was seriously PMSing!

Started this morning with an AWESOME spin class. I hadnt been in a while - wow I miss it! I ROCKED spin class this morning. Now need to shower and head out for some gal time with my bestie... shopping, sushi, pedicures... awesome!


  1. Good for you!!! That's awesome!!!! PMS is the worst time for me - and I recognize the cravings as part of that time - and then I give up the fight. Sounds like you're having an awesome day too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Sounds like a successful night and a really fun day!