Monday, February 28, 2011

MANIC MONDAY - first attempt :)

SO this was my super yummy dinner! I know it looks alittle bland color wise but that was because I forgot the tomatoes and basil with the veggies. The veggies were a mix of mushrooms, zucchini, onions, garlic over whole grain pasta and sprinked with goat cheese. The super yummy surprise was the roasted brussel sprouts. I never would have thought in a million years I would like them. My mom used to make them boiled and they smelled HORRIBLE. I never had even tried one and decided I did NOT like them. Well I saw THIS recipe on and wanted to try. Glad I did, even the kid liked it! Then I took salmon and covered it with a bit of soy, orange and ginger and popped it in the oven with the sprouts and put a chunk of goat cheese on that too... super yummy! 9 points for the entire plate!

Meet Gavin - he wasnt happy to stop playing so I could take the pic.

This room is what has been totally stressing me out - the mess was EVERYWHERE... well I tackled it today. And yes that is horrible pink carpet... redoing the bedroom is very low on our to do list!

My face has been breaking out like crazy... YUCK!!! And with the 10lbs or so I gained the double chin is back!

My sick yet not acting sick baby... the rash is EVERYWHERE... even in his ears. Damn strep!
So this is my first MANIC monday... it was a last minute decision to start today so you will see way more next week :)
Eating was good today -
7am shakeology shake = 4 points
10 am 100cal pack of almonds = 3 points
1pm flat bread veggie pizza = 8 points
3pm apple with 1 tbsp natural peanut butter = 3 points
430pm carrots and 1 tbsp hummus = 1 point
6pm the plate above = 9 points
thats 28 points only leaving me 1 for a snack later :(

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  1. The first and only time I ever had brussel sprouts, I thought my sister poisoned me. We were visiting and she made dinner. She roasted a bunch of root vegetables and they were yummy, until I was up in the middle of the night with horrible stomach pains. There are certain foods I have trouble digesting, broccoli is one, and clearly brussel sprouts are another.
    I called her in the morning and told her she poisoned me.
    Cracked up when you said how bad they smelled.
    Sorry about sick baby.