Monday, February 28, 2011


I have a little secret for you... not ready to scream it from the roof tops yet because I have burned myself before.... are you ready...

Im back, 100% officially back.... shhhhh dont tell anyone :)

What did you think I was going to say??? preggo? Nope took the test today.... maybe next month :)

I am feeling on top of the world right now after a very stressful morning.

First I woke up to take the preggo test and my test was a dud... not even the tester stripe came up... nada.

Then I had to deal with licensing craziness. My nursing and NP license expires today. I renewed 3 weeks ago. I talked to them on friday. Yet online it still doesnt say my license is up to date... which means after today I cant work! So at exactly 8am Im ready on the phone...busy, busy, busy. Look at their website and it says they are having a power outage... today of all freaking days! I send an email to every single person on the board and finally get a response that it will be taken care of and should be updated by tomorrow am... good thing Im off tomorrow! Hopefully it will work out.

Then I had to go to the MVA to renew my drivers license that expired 3 weeks ago and I didnt notice :) oops! But shockingly while at the MVA my mood 100% turned around. I brought my book. There was A LONG line. It was raining and gross outside yet for some reason my heart grew light and a smile plastered to my face and I was happy... it was alittle freaky. Regardless that feeling has stayed.

Followed that with grocery shopping for yummy healthy food... tonight im trying new stuff... will fill you in later :) Even started and practically finished tackling my disaster of a bedroom that has me stressed out for weeks. ahhhhh.

Now waiting for sick kid to wake up - oh yea he has scarlet fever... fabulous huh? - then to go sign for our taxes (fingers crossed for a good return, we need a new roof!), dinner at home, family movie night then cuddle with honey for scary movie night...uhhhh. Oh yea and I ran on the treadmill this am too :)

Tonight when I have some down time Im going to try something new... im calling in Manic Monday... after my favorite blogger Roni at 's Sensational Sunday. Pictures pictures and more pictures to bring you more into my crazy life... mondays are one of my guaranteed days off every week and they are typically crazy. Today is alittle more low key since G is sick and hubby is home.... tata for now...


  1. I can't wait 'til you share what new yummies you enjoyed! Food has become a bit boring to me unless it's free day...

  2. So glad you're back on track!! Now hang in there for 12 weeks and see what you see!

  3. yea terri - only 12 weeks... easy peasy lol