Wednesday, March 2, 2011

another day another dollar

SO the board finally came through and I will be heading into work in a few min - glad that the stress is done, bummed I dont have an unexpectant day off... cant get everything right ?!?

I tried to wake up to spin at 545 this am but it just wasnt happenning. I woke up to every muscle in my body screaming... awesome weight workout yesterday - miss this feeling! But that means I will be working out late tonight after work, getting G, putting him to bed, ect.

Kicking myself in the butt for not making doubles/triples of last nights dinner to take into work today - I really really thought I would be spending the day at the board of nursing offices. So instead I packed staples of snacks and some lite salad dressing and will get a big salad with chicken from the salad bar at work for lunch today and if they are having a good veggie then I will do dinner at work too - chicken breast and veggies... my go to dinner at work. I packed a WW 1 point cheese stick, 100cal cottage cheese and fruit, an apple and an orange and I already had my shakeology shake for breakfast.

Feels so good to be back - to be actually present and not just floating through the day.

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