Monday, April 4, 2011

Amazing manic monday!

I had a great monday today! Unfortinately I did NOT think to take a single darn picture. Sorry!

Started off with dropping G off and heading to the gym for a 60 min spin class. 700 calories baby! Talked with the instructor regarding spinning pregnant and got some tips.

Then ran to the grocery store before picking G back up from preschool - $40 in produce... ridiculous! I can NOT wait until the farm stands open up!

Got home and made homemade veggie soup, got my chicken for tonight in the crock pot, cut celery and made dip, cut up my fruit for the week and then got a nice surprise of lunch from Panera delivered to my home from someone awesome!

After that I played like a big old kid outside with G - jumped a bit on the trampoline since soon that will not be in my activity list. Now we are about to be off to tai kwon do ... in the convertable I think... with the top down. It is soooo nice outside today!

Lunches are already packed for tomorrow. After we get home I will be TIRED and will much enjoy curling up with my wonderful husband who is FINALLY off evening shift for the next 2 weeks... its been a LONG two weeks and I missed him!

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