Tuesday, April 5, 2011

happy tuesday everyone...

Hi there - hope everyone is having a great week so far!

I had to work today - 12 hours but went by super fast, alittle busy... had a NP student. Having a student is good and bad - having practiced for less than a year I feel pretty stupid most of the time still.

We are having some work issues regarding scheduling and keeping all of the midlevels happy - same story, different month. Its a great thing that all in all I love my job. I tried to tell my boss about the pregnancy today. I know its super early but with us having scheduling issues at work and trying to brainstorm solutions ... I feel like I have to tell him. No its not the best time, but if I kept it to myself and we brainstormed how to work out some issues then in a month or so say "oh by the way Im taking 2 months off" ... might not go over so well...you know? So Im biting the bullet and filling in my boss on the pregancy. I tried to tell him today - asked if I could speak with him privately but then we got busy and he either 1. forgot or 2. ignored me... not sure. So maybe tomorrow...

My soup I made yesterday was lunch and was super yummy! I had it in my head that I was going to come home and made a lite chicken salad with crackers and a bowl of soup. Its what I wanted 100% but then I got home and found that Eric had ordered pizza and breadsticks... so guess what I ate for dinner instead? Yup 2 slices of cold pepperoni pizza (I like it cold) and a breadstick. Hit the spot - not really. Need it? Definately not.

So now Im watching biggest loser - ironic huh?

SO here is to a good day tomorrow - wednesday here I come!

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