Thursday, April 7, 2011

another awesome day...

I know these awesome days will abruptly end and I will have a few bad ones but Im enjoying these full force! Today I cant stop smiling - just having a great day.

I got ready to take G to school with the plan to head to spin class but the cleaning bug hit and when it hits you HAVE to clean because god knows when the bug will hit me again. I hate cleaning! So I scrubbed my kitchen, cleaned my floors on my hands and knees, rearranged my dining room, scrubed the stains out of the furniture, cleaned the hard wood floors. Granted my bedroom and bathroom still look like a hurricaine went through them but still.... the bug has left the building though :)

I think I found the before and after school care for G next year - HUGE relief! We were redistricted to another elem school that only has 3 childcare providers in the entire elem school area. Its the elem school that the military base uses so most of the kids go to care on base... well we dont have access to that. Well one was full, one is a nasty center that I have no desire to send my kid to and one has openings. I spoke with the provider on the phone and felt like we totally hit it off today. Bonus her son will be starting K too with Gavin! And she will have an infant availability spot come April (a few months after I will need it). I did the test drive past her address and it looked so cozy and family oriented. We meet next week - fingers crossed!!! But I have a great feeling! I have gotten very very lucky with our providers - each one has been amazing.

My bestie and her adorable (and hopefully not crying) baby are coming over for a healthy lunch and then its family time when E gets home :)

Told work about the baby yesterday ... it went so so ... thats another post. I am choosing to stay upbeat and happy today!

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  1. Thank you for such a wonderful post. I enjoyed every bit of furniture