Thursday, April 14, 2011

fat blob

Yes thats what Im feeling like right now. I feel like a tired big boobed fat blob. Im not helping the situation with eating out 2 meals yesterday and being super swollen with sodium intake today!

Yesterday I went to try on a few shorts and the 10's were tight - I will need to go up to a 12 but I wasnt mentally ready for that yesterday. I cant blame the pregnancy - im only 6 freaking weeks... its the size of a nut. Yes the pregnancy is making me feel tired and sluggish right now, nauseated most of the time. BUT the lack of movement, lack of healthy eating is triggering the weight gain ... what the hell is wrong with me? Do I want to be fat? Why am I punishing myself???

Yesterday I woke up from my nap and felt blah and knew I needed to get to the gym so we headed there after nap and I did 45 min on the treadmill - not a great treadmill workout but better then me sitting at home doing nothing. Today I have registered for the 930 spin class. I have tried to talk myself out of it 20 times already this morning but in a few min I will be turning off my computer and getting ready and out the door for spin. I enjoy spin. Its a quick 45 min awesome workout and its fun! I will do some weights afterwards and this evening once hubby gets home we are taking Gracie for a hike. It is GORGEOUS outside!

Not to mention we are kid free for 4 days - which makes me very sad yet happy all at the same time. G is visiting my great grandmother with my mom and grandmother in Ohio. SO I have the entire day to myself but all I really want to do is sleep. My house is a disaster and needs cleaned, my floors are a hairy mess and the sun is shining outside so who knows what will actually get done today. Tomorrow I work a horrible 19 hour shift - yuck so most of saturday I will be sleeping!

Ok Im done venting - sorry you all are having my downer lately ...

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