Thursday, April 14, 2011

Give me a break!

I am giving myself permission to give myself a break.

Note to self : No you are not the size/weight you wanted to be when getting pregnant.... but regardless this is where you are now and lets move on with it. Quit wallowing that you have a flabby belly and arent a size 8 anymore (granted you were only an 8 for about 2 weeks). You are MUCH healthier now then you were with your last pregnancy. You make smarter choices, you move more. No you will not be wearing small shorts and what not this summer but next summer you are going to rock for being a new mom!!

I almost deleted the post I wrote this morning... but this blog is for me, this blog is my venting place, my therapy and it is what it is.

SO I went to the gym. Pushed myself at spin class. Did upper body weights. Ran to the grocery store and restocked my fruits. Marinated chicken for the grill. Made chicken salad for lunch. Dehaired my floors - damn dog :) I see a short nap in my future then a nice long hike with my wonderful husband on this sunny gorgeous day followed by grilling dinner and relaxing. 

Remember - one day, one choice at a time. Make those moments count!


  1. Good for you! don't be so hard on yourself! you are doing amazing and you are PREGNANT!!! now the focus should not be on your weight gain or loss, it should be on the healthy choices and lifestyle you are leading because you are growing a little baby inside of you!

  2. You are doing great! I got pregnant when my first child was about 4 months old (mini pill - didn't work for me) & I was so depressed to know that I still had 9 pounds of pregnancy weight to lose & I was pregnant again.

    I'll be honest & say that my oldest is 5 & I'm still working on those last 7 lbs. But, I'm healthy & take care of myself, & it's all good. The same is true for you - you can make healthy choices & take care of you & your baby, & that's the stage you're in right now. Embrace it, & it will make it easier to lose the weight when you have your baby.

  3. Congratulations on the pregnancy Chritina. I have been MIA from the blogosphere for a while so it was new news to me. Congrats as well for first, being honest about your feelings and second, doing something about it. :-)