Sunday, April 24, 2011


Sorry I have been MIA - I have this small problem that I think when I post on here that I should be perfect. And wow I have been anything but... it has been BAD.
I havent worked out in forever. I tried to run a few days ago and it was not a fun thing - barely did a mile! I have been eating probually double the calories that I should be eating. I am feeling fatter and fatter - my stomach is made up of these huge rolls. And the short of it - I feel like a failure.  I thought running that marathon would be my aha moment - the I CAN DO ANYTHING moment. Well unfortinately that feeling did NOT last long.

Im feeling better pregnancy wise lately. I have only been nauseated when I really need to eat something. I have started packing my food for lunch at work. Tomorrow I signed up for morning spin class and plan to start writing down everything Im eating. Not to diet - I know I need to maintain, not lose. BUT I think I need to see where the calories are going and how much I am actually consuming, you know?

I dont feel like ME - I am not this person!


  1. Big hugs. We've all been there. Take the time to try and understand what's going on with your eating (writing it down is awesome), forgive yourself for your mistakes, dust yourself off & get back to eating & working out in a way that makes you feel healthy & good about yourself. You can do this!

  2. Come back and keep posting!! We don't want to lose you. Get remotivated and stick with it! Email me if you need some motivation. :-)