Saturday, January 14, 2012

100% back

I know its only been 2-3 weeks but I feel 100% back. I feel like I have my head on right and am making smart choices. And Im moving again which feels amazing.

Today I ventured back to the gym. I added Miss Bre to start next tues when she officially hits 6 weeks. I miss my spin classes but havent pushed myself that hard in many months not to mention recovering so I was too scared to go to a class for fear I would have to quit if it was too much. So I did a trial class... I found a playlist online and downloaded the songs and wrote down what to do with each song. I went into the spin room once it was empty and got to work. Granted Im sure it would have been harder in a class but my heart was going, my legs were burning and I was a sweaty mess. It felt GREAT. Completed 45 min and felt awesome afterwards! Hopefully tomorrow it doesnt come back to bite me.

Gavin was super excited to be back to the gym too - expecially because now he is FIVE. That means he gets to go into the special 5+ game room and go with the big kids instead of the little kids during play time.

Tomorrow is a repeat of yesterdays run and going to retry weights again.

Im really proud of my eating today - its already after dinner and I have 11 points left over... no clue how that happenned since I dont feel deprived. Crazy!
Breakfast - coffee with unsweetenned almond milk, chocolate oatmeal with raspberries = 6 points
Lunch - zero point veggie soup with 3 wasa light and crisp, 2 lite laughing cow cheese wedges and sliced tomatoe = 2 points
Snacks - grapefruit, carrots with hummus = 2 points
Dinner - grilled chicken slices heated with peppers and eaten on a large lettuce leaf with salsa, side of brussel sprouts with goat cheese, and a large spinach, apple, goat cheese salad = 5 points

shocked that lunch was only 2 points and felt so filling. Same with dinner... amazing dinner with a full large plate of food for only 5 points. I definately eat with my eyes so seeing alot of food, even if most are veggies helps me.

Think I might splurge and make a mini raspberry cobbler for dessert!


  1. Today was my 3rd week weigh-in with WW and I maintained. I know most people would be excited to maintain rather than gain but I'm pretty upset. I know people hit plateaus and whatnot but I wasn't expecting something like this to happen already!

    I don't know how you long you did WW for in the past but did you hit plateau and maintain weeks early on and if so, what did you do to work around it? The lady at the center said to eat more i.e. eat my activity points (I work out, combos of cardio and weights at least 5-6 days/week). My mom told me to try not exercising at all and see what happens (uh, not going to happen!).

    I don't know...just frustrated!

  2. I didnt ever really hit a plataeu... I either lost well or gained because I wasnt doing what I was supposed to. I personally would suggest that you take a closer look at your point calculations and portion sizes (i weigh everything) to make sure you arent taking in more than you think you are.