Sunday, January 15, 2012

daily weigh in and lower carb...

SO I am a daily weigh in person. It used to have control over my day and always in a bad way. If I had a great weight that day then I would eat alittle extra because I only need to lose 2 lbs a week so I can have that extra snack (and then end up losing nothing at the end of the week) or if it was bad then I might aswell eat anyways. Todays weight was up a lb from yesterday morning. And I stressing out? Nope. I KNOW Im doing what I need to be doing to have a healthier lighter life. The scale will show that eventually. Todays issue is salt - I finally was able to start wearing my wedding ring again a few days ago. Today I cant get it off, my fingers are swollen. Hense the salt issue. Last night was tacos and I have been alittle liberal with the salt on my veggies. So today and tomorrow Im backing off the salt.

Everyone has their opinion on the "new" weight watchers. I personally like it and hope to have alot of success for it. The points for pretty much everything I used to eat practically doubled. My daily points unfortinately did not. What I realized very quickly is if you keep your snacks and meals on the lower carb side then you get way more for your point value. So for dinner we have lost that carb side - no noodles, rice, potatoes ect for the most part. We will do a side like that once a week or so. I havent had alot of bread. I have substituted large lettuce leaves as my bread for rollups and last night for tacos. I have substituted spegetti squash for pasta. It works.

I have heard alot of people lately that recently joined WW talk about how much they are starving. If I would be eating the way I did the last time on WW I would be starving too. When you are thinking "diet" you think low calorie. Unfortinately low calorie does not equal low points for WW. Those 100 cal packs used to be 2 points, now they are 3. Light english muffins used to be 2 now they are 4. None of those small 100 cal things fill you up but definately fill up your points. And you are left starving. I think to feel comfortable on WW you HAVE to fill up on veggies and some fruits and tons of lean meats. I try to have a serving of fruit and veggies with breakfast, my mid morning and mid afternoon snack is typically veggies and dip and a piece of fruit. Lunch always has a large side of veggies. Dinner over half my plate is veggies. The other 1/3 or so is a lean protein. You can definately stay full on the new ww but it takes alot of work. If you want to splurge and have a cookie or something - that in the old plan really didnt mess up your points all that much - now it does. So yes WW says you can eat whatever you want but enjoying that pizza or fast food or what ever pretty much means your having a salad for the rest of the day and feeling hungry. To me that just isnt worth it.

Ok off to get this ring off... my finger is numb :(

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  1. i love your blog! I can totally relate to how you feel at the gym