Friday, January 13, 2012

2012 progress pics

I cant believe Im about to do this.

So this morning - after sleeping 9 hours... woohoo great job listening to my body and going to bed early... anyways after getting a great sleep I felt awesome. I got G on the bus and Bre was back asleep so I decided to get my workout in early on the treadmill.  When I run, I think. Its probually my favorite reason for running. I get some great self talks in during those runs!

Today I was thinking about this blog. More specifically the progression page tab that shows my progress from 18 months ago. I told myself last month I should put some pics of me now up but I didnt want to readmit to myself the difference from that smiling happy thinner healthier me in that gorgeous purple dress and the me now. SO I didnt. Well today I got to thinking... that was my previous journey. Im very proud of that girl in those pics. I want to reshow me getting back to her. Feeling like she did... and let me tell you she/I felt AMAZING.

So I made a compromise to myself. That tab will stay left alone. But I will start a new tab - a 2012 transformation and take pics monthly to add. I want to see the full transformation. I needed to do this NOW before I lost my nerve... right now Im not feeling very pretty and really dont want to share my rolls with the world. Hubby is still in bed so I took the camera down to the gym. Not the best pics but like I said it was now or never - didnt want to lose my nerve.

October 2011 - 8 months preggo
Dec 2011 post delivery
January 13th, 2012 - 180.5 lbs, size 12 jeans

I cant wait to see me after a few months of hard work!


  1. Such a cute family! Can't wait to see how you progress :)

  2. Congratulations on your bundle of joy!

    I started 2009 at 180 pounds and ended that year at 118 pounds.

    Lots of success with your weight loss journey!