Thursday, January 19, 2012

all rainbows and lollipops

That is how I feel today - all rainbows and lollipops. I dont know why and I dont know how long it will last but today Im ridiculously happy. I want to smile... alot!

This morning started off with a trip out just Bre and I at Panera to meet up with some of my mommy friends. If you are a mom of small children and dont belong to a mom type group then you are missing out on so much! Just to be surrounded by women that although are different from you - understand where you are coming from. Its nice.

What did I eat at Panera? Well what I wanted was an orange scone but at over 550 calories that just wasnt happenning. None of the breakfast type stuff was wihin my calorie budget for the day so I made a big bowl of chocolate banana oatmeal before I went and just sipped on coffee while chatting. I almost got lunch there to bring home but Im glad I didnt. I threw together a spinach, chicken, apple, goat cheese salad that was YUMMY!

Then it was off to the midwife for my 6 week post partum visit. For those of you that dont know me - I suffered BADLY from post partum depression with my son 5 years ago. So bad that I opted to go back on an antidepressant while pregnant this time around. I weaned off for the few weeks before delivery but then restarted the day I got home. I dont know if its the meds, the knowledge, the extra help at home, knowing what to expect baby wise, a happier baby or the outlet to share my concerns with other moms experiencing the same thing... but I was in awe by how different my answers were to the postpartum depression questionaire this time around... it made me feel like rainbows and lollipops:)

Still need to get my run in this evening, make a healthy dinner, spend some quality time with little man, and super need to clean some bathrooms but it will all get done. Tata for now...

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