Thursday, January 19, 2012

such a bizarre relationship with food

Man I have food issues.

I had a busy day. Ate well. Got things done. Decided to do my run last today... bad idea. Leading up to my run I made dinner, helped with homework, bathed baby girl, got G ready and in bed, took my dog outside to play in the COLD, scrubbed two bathrooms and then headed down for my run - telling myself the entire time that I really didnt want to run.  I debated making today my day off instead of Sunday, but sunday is my first day on my own all day with both kids since hubby goes back to work Sunday and I know that I would be peeved at myself to have to squeeze a run in too when I had planned for that to be my off day.  SURPRISE SURPRISE I had a sucky ass run!

I gave it a fair chance - ran about 20 minutes and then decided I just didnt want to. I walked for a few minutes with the plan to try to run again. Well I decided not to.  Then I was mad at myself - so what did I want to do? EAT... eat and eat some more. I decided while walking up the stairs that I wanted an english muffin with peanut butter, marshmellow and chocolate chips. That is 10 points. I have 3 left for the day.

I walked up FULLY deciding to eat that. I went to the restroom and my scale was sitting there. Earlier today I had a great morning weigh in ... down almost 3 lbs from my bad weigh in on Tuesday morning. I told myself if it was still good then I would eat it. If it wasnt I wouldnt... it was a bit up and I decided to be "good" after all. So now Im eating popcorn and maybe some frozen grapes.

So today it went my way but it could have easily went the other way. And it could have spiraled out of control.  Because I have food issues.


  1. we wouldn't be overweight if we didn't! lol. watching what we eat just highlights the magnitude...but now you are aware...and that is the most important thing.

  2. babysteps huh?
    for me with everything in my life it is ONE DAY AT A TIME :)

  3. Tough day but you still made a good choice. It's hard to lose weight, the awareness is the most important step!

  4. i have issues i can totally relate