Thursday, January 26, 2012

another cranky day

It appears I REALLY REALLY need my sleep. WIth hubby taking 7 weeks of paternity leave this time around I was luck to sleep minimally 8 hours every night. Now that he is back ... I am in no sleep land. Last night we were up at 1130pm, 4am, 6am then 7 with my school aged kid. TIRED. I dont know how new moms do it - expecially those breast feeding every 2 hours. I have much respect. Without sleep Im tired, cranky, short tempered and feel very blah.

I was amazing how little I was affected with post partum depression this time around compared to last time... ummmm I think being able to sleep and deal with life better had a MAJOR impact on that.

Not to mention my calves are very tight from step class yesterday. New class = new soreness.

Oh well I guess today I will have to drink ALOT of coffee and keep chugging until I feel better. Whats on the agenda today? They are coming out to fix our heater so no nap for me, someone is coming to get all of my newborn baby clothes, dropping off all things needed to the daycare provider for when I go back to work, have gym time saved for 6pm tonight so G can do the kids swim class while Im working out. Tonight is a run night - hopefully my calves will chill out before then.

Ok off to pour my second cup of coffee... have a great Thursday everyone.

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