Wednesday, January 25, 2012

scared or cautious?

One of my goals is to try new things when it comes to fitness. For example Im looking into rock climbing lessons :) The other thing I have told myself to do is take one new to me class at the gym each week. To step out of my comfort zone. There are tons of classes I have been dying to try but was to scared to... didnt want to be the new girl in the class.

This week I decided to start - Im easing into it by doing a class I atleast partly know how to do... step. Easy peasy. Highly enjoyed the 45 min class today. I pushed myself to do all of the advanced moves and got my sweat on.

Afterwards they had a new class called CXworks that followed directly behind it - its a core exercises type class. It sounds really interesting. EVERYONE from the step class stayed for this class... everyone BUT me. I nicely put away my step and walked out.

Why? I told myself it was because I had a csection 7 weeks ago. I have NO core muscles and the class would just be too much. But is that really the reason? Couldnt I have just backed off a bit if it got to be too much? Nope pretty sure it wasnt me being cautious for my body... I was scared. Scared of looking stupid. Scared of being the weakest one there.

I want a shirt that says "I just had a baby, dont judge me :) "

Next week I am tackle-ing that class!


  1. I would be nervous as well...cutting through all your stomach muscles is no joke.

  2. A shirt that says "I just had a baby, don't judge me" would be awesome. Maybe it was both! I mean I remember how sore my core muscles were after I had my daughter in Feb last year, and at 7 weeks post-partum, I would have been in NO condition to do a core class. That would make me nervous.