Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sometimes you just need to cry...

The other day I posted about how I was massively cranky and a bit stressed. That I got over that hump by a massive sweat session at the gym and felt so much better. (you can read it HERE). What I didnt share was the words of wisdom given to me by my 5 year old. We were driving to the gym and I snapped about something stupid. I immediatly apologized and then used that moment to talk about feelings, stress, and better ways to express tough emotions. He then told me "mommy you might just need a good cry". When he is having a rough day he sometimes has a massive cry fit and he feels better. I havent had a good cry in a long time. Until today.

Ran a few errands with the last one being to the grocery store to restock my fix of brussel sprouts. Leaving the grocery store I passed a homeless man on a bike with his small dog. About two blocks away I had to pull over because all I could think of was that man. I turned around and headed back and gave him $20 and told him to get a hot meal. Do I know he will use that for food? Nope I dont. I can hope though. Then driving away and about a block from my house tears just started streaming down my face. I got to thinking of the homeless man with a dog. He was older - probually in his 50's, maybe older than that. What happenned in his life to get him where he is now? Did he serve our country and have PTSD? Did he lose loved ones? Did he not get the medical care needed to deal with depression or mental illness? Did he lose his job and then not be able to recover?  Does he have a mom, children, ex wife, close friends that wonder where he is and is he ok.

I hope and pray he gets where he needs to go and is loved. We take for granted so easily all of our material possessions, our job, our house, our family. Yes I have worked very hard to get where I am but what if things had turned out differently?


  1. oh man, I am the same way..I still have a homeless man stuck in my head from boston..He was sitting in a bus station with garbage bags wrapped over his feet and a blanket for a coat. I bought him a mcdonalds happy meal..and my immediate thought was..well, that didn't get him a pair of shoes. God wants our hearts to break for the things that break his...AT least he has the 20 to make a choice with...God bless.

  2. AMEN.
    Im working daily to impart gratitude to my six year old and if nothing else (yet :)) Ive reminded reminded myself..


  3. Sometimes kids are so wise. They look at life so much more simply that we do. Your altruism and honest emotion impressed me:)