Monday, January 2, 2012

awesome monday!

Had a pretty great day today. It was the last day G is off of school which while I loved having my little man home... soooo ready for him to go back! Since it was his last day we had to have alittle fun.

My son is a major morning person - before I even had my morning coffee he was working on his masterpiece.
Then it was time to start the morning off right with a healthy breakfast.
Little man and I were off to a scheduled playdates with my local chapter of the mommies network. If you are a mom and in need of a local group of moms that know what life is like, people to have playdates with, make new friends, ect... you definately should check to see if you have a local chapter. Today it was a trip to a local bounce place.  Before we headed out I needed to drop my little princess in the hands of daddy so we could go. I went to finish getting dressed and this is what I came back to.
G had a blast. I was a bit bummed out though. Previous trips there always served as a great workout - tons of jumping, climbing, sliding ect. Well my 5 year old has no desire to actually bounce with his mommy anymore and was off and running with his little buddies.
Then it was getting home and heading out kidless to get some grocery shopping done. Really wish I would have taken some pics. You should see my fridge - it is the picture of healthy eating! Wish I would have taken a pic of dinner too... it was SOOOOO good! The men in my life wanted tacos and normal plain boring tacos at that. Not really WW friendly. So yes I made them tacos but I tweaked things for myself. Instead of the meat, I warmed up some grilled chicken with black beans and peppers. Instead of the tortilla I used big romaine lettuce leaves to do a lettuce wrap. No cheese, tons of tomatoes and some salsa. SO ymmy. Then because I just cant get enough I roasted a serving of brussel sprouts in the toaster oven. And while it so doenst go with tacos we opted to have a side salad of fresh baby spinach, diced apples and some goat cheese. YUMMY! Even with that and lunch out at panera bread... I still have 5 points left for the day at 7pm!

Then once dinner was over it was time for some daddy kid time while I cuddled with baby.
And now that the day is winding down family wise its time to get my workout done for the day. Here is how I keep myself on schedule. Since I ran yesterday today is a brisk 2 mile walk with my dog and some lower body weight workout. Nothing to stenious since Im still pretty early post partum.
I have been lucky to have extra points for some form of dessert every night. Two days ago I took 1/4 cup self rising flour, 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk  mixed together in a baking dish then filled with some fresh berries and baked until golden brown. Not as yummy as the butter version but did the trick. Last night was banana fake soft serve with diced pinapple. Tonight will be frozen grapes and blackberries. YUMMY!

Hope everyone else has a great monday! Normally monday is my weigh in day but I really want to sit in the meeting so Im going tomorrow morning instead.

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